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Where can I purchase Meredith Bay Candle Co products?
Every product that we create is available on our website, Facebook, Instagram, Faire and a number of other store websites. We also sell our product in select shops, country stores and gift shops. If you know of a shop near you that would benefit from carrying our scented products, please contact us at Wholesale opportunities are available and protected in your area. Minimum purchase quantities apply.


What is the proper way to burn a soy candle?
Trim the candle wick to 1/4 inch every time you light your candle. Your first burn should be long enough to create a melted wax pool reaching all sides of the container. This will create a memory burn and help prevent future tunneling. Stop burning your candle when 1/4 inch of unmelted wax remains in the bottom of the jar. Jars are reusable by removing leftover wax. Burn for no more than 3-4 hours at a time. Always use your candle on a stable heat resistant surface and within your sight while burning. Keep your candle away from flammable materials. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Use caution when handling container as the wax may be hot and can cause severe burns. 

What is the proper way to extinguish a soy candle?
To extinguish, bend the wick into the melted wax, remove and straighten. This will help to eliminate smoking.

Will my soy candle smoke?
All candles have the potential to smoke. To limit smoke, maintain your wick by trimming to 1/4 inch before lighting. If the proper methods are followed, you should have little to no smoke. 

Help! Why is my candle turning white or yellowing?
When soy wax turns white this is called “frosting” or "bloom”. This is a natural process of soy wax. Imperfections in the wax is also a way to tell it is real soy. Darkening or yellowing of your candle is also a common occurrence. A number of factors can cause your candle darken or yellow. Certain fragrances such as citrus or vanilla may cause yellowing of your candle as well as being exposed to sunlight or fluorescent lighting. This will not affect how well your candle performs.

Why is my candle top rough or pitted?

This is a normal process of soy upon cooling. It is also a way to know your candle is 100% soy. This will not affect how well your candle performs.



    We use cotton wicks and a variety of high quality fragrance oils in all of our candles. Only 100% U.S. grown and harvested soy is used in our highly scented candles and wax melts.


    How Long Will My Soy Candle Burn?

    Jar Sizes & Burn Times:

    15 Oz Apothecary Jar: Wax Weight 10 Oz: Burn Time 60-80+ Hours

    22 Oz Apothecary Jar: Wax Weight 16 Oz: 75-95+ Hours

     31 Oz Apothecary Jar: Wax Weight 24 Oz: 150-175+ Hours

    Wax Melt, Net Weight 3.0 Oz: 4-8 Hours

    Room & Linen Spray, Net Weight 4 Fl. ounces

    Note: All burn times are an approximate.  These results are from our in house testing. Your results may vary.