Scents that "Bring You Back Home" 

Candle Scent Without The Candle 
Proud to Support Our American Farmers
Our wax melts are made with 100% U.S. grown, harvested and processed soy.
Soy is a cleaner burning, eco-friendly and renewable resource
Our melts are packaged in a 6 tart clamshell pack using the same fragrances we use in all of our candles.
We recommend using 2 tarts in an approved wax warmer. Our favorites are available in our Accessories category.
Scent strength and duration will depend on your room size and the performance of your warmer.

5 Reasons Why Meredith Bay Candles’ Wax Melts Are So Great

Ever since Meredith Bay Candles has introduced their wax melts, they have become the most trending item when it comes to fragrance your home. Here are a few things that make these wax melts so popular and amazing:


Wax melts are a cheap way of making your home fragrant and would not put a hole in your wallet. Our melts are packaged in a six tart clamshell pack and cost only $4.99. Isn't it a fabulous steal?

2.Create your own Personal Fragrance

You can experiment and create your own signature fragrance with our wax melts. Mix and match different melts, and you can easily create your favorite personal fragrance formula. You can be the fragrance connoisseur yourself now!

3.No Flame required

Meredith Bay Candles brings many wax melters and warmers that allow you to melt the wax effortlessly. These warmers can also level up your home décor. You can also invest in an electric warmer to get rid of the flame completely.

4.Easier to Store

Our wax melts are small, lightweight, and can be stored easily.

5. Eco-friendly Option

You don't have to burn any wick for making your home smell great ever again. Our amazing wax melts can do it for you without any soot. The wax warmer will melt the wax, and it will release your favorite aroma around your home.

Meredith Bay Candles brings a multitude of wax melts with different aromas. You can get your hands on your favorite flavors and create your customized scent without breaking your bank. So, go ahead to mix and match these amazing little bundles of fragrances and enjoy your personal blend! Your guests will surely love how great your home smells and ask for recommendations.

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