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The Benefits of Soy Wax Melts

The Benefits of Soy Wax Melts

If you're like me and have an obsession with burning soy candles, you clearly love a room that's filled with a mesmerizing scent. There's nothing quite like the calming feeling burning soy wax brings. Soy wax is non-toxic, making it better for the environment and your health compared to other wax options. Not only that, but it delivers a cleaner burn.

As much as I love burning soy candles, they aren't the only way to fill your space with your favorite scents. Wax warmers are a great goto and option for burning soy wax melts. At Meredith Bay Candle Co we have a variety of wax warmers to choose from. These fun options allow you another method to escape your busy workday or wind down at night with your favorite aroma.

A wax warmer is a tremendously easy and stylish option to change up the scent quickly and decorate your space. Using soy wax melts is a great flameless way to test scents if you haven't found your favorites. If you haven't, I don't blame you since the options seem endless! Each pack of soy wax melts comes with 6 squares of wax. To unleash the aroma of your chosen scent, simply break off 1-2 squares and place them in your wax warmer. Wax warmers are easy to clean, so with just one, you can always change the scent when you feel like it. Wax warmers use a light bulb to melt the wax and are perfect for almost any room in your home or personal space! Not only will the scent start to flow through your area and produce a wonderful scent, but it will also create a soft accent light where you place it.

Our soy wax melts are made with 100% U.S. grown, harvested, and processed soy. Not only are the wax melts affordable, but they are also a great gift option if you cant pick a soy candle scent for someone. If you know a friend that has a wax warmer or you want to make a gift bundle, a wax warmer is such a great idea! You can pick a few wax melt options to throw in, and your lucky gift receiver will get to enjoy your selections until they find their favorite must-haves. Hand-poured with love in New Hampshire, our soy candles and soy wax melts are just what you need to make any room stand out.

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