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Soy Candles Are Pet Approved!

Soy Candles Are Pet Approved!

Pet lovers rejoice! Soy candles are pet-approved. The good news is that natural soy candles are not harmful to your furry four-legged friend, and for that, they thank you!

With or without pets, you want your space to smell good. And chances are, if you have a pet or two, you're dealing with pet odors. Burning candles are the perfect way to freshen up your space and make the aroma of the environment overly pleasing. Take note of the candles you buy; most of the candles you come across are made of paraffin wax. As good as it might smell, you should resist the purchase! Theoretically, the paraffin wax is slightly toxic for you and your furry friend. Did you know paraffin is a derivative of petroleum? Think gas, oil, and other types of fuel. Do you or your pet want to inhale that? If they did, the potential impurities and irritants could bother your pet's respiratory system. Not only should you not inhale the fumes, but it could be toxic if your dog consumes the candle. Our suggestion, play it safe!

Meredith Bay Candle Co creates candles without toxins to help you create the perfect ambiance without compromising the quality of the air you breathe. These highly scented soy candles are made with clean-burning all-natural U.S. grown soy, a renewable, earth-friendly product that fills the room with a wonderful scent in a clean, sustainable way.

It is important to purchase soy candles that are eco-conscious and hand-crafted to perfection with you in mind. A company like ours believes in sourcing nothing but the finest quality ingredients for use in our highly scented, gotta love em, soy candles.

Remember, your pet can be affected by burning scented candles that contain toxins. When it comes to our furry children, aka our pups, almost every dog owner will go the extra mile to ensure they are happy and healthy. Choose soy candles and the healthier alternative, and know that both you and your furry friend are safe from toxins.


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