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Ocean Ambiance in Your Home

Ocean Ambiance in Your Home

70 percent of our planetary home is made up of oceans.  Although we live on land, many of us are drawn to the waters.  Beaches are the most popular vacation spots.   Also, homes by the ocean are always considerably pricier.   People enjoy being in the presence of water. What makes being at the ocean so desirable?

Pondering and viewing the ocean can make us small.  It makes us consider the vast nature of the world we live in.  Our worlds are often so centered around our small inner circles.  It can be healing to think about how small we are in comparison to the world.  It is also incredibly aesthetically pleasing to look at the jaw-dropping landscape.  The ocean can bring an immense amount of positivity to our lives, even when we are not in its presence.  

Mental Health and the Ocean

Being at the sea can make people feel at peace with themselves.  This is due to the ambiance it brings to each of the senses.  Whether it be the cool breeze, the salty air, or the deep blue water, it changes our mental state.  Blue mind theory has been coined by biologist Wallace J. Nichols.  It states that we have more peace of mind when being near water, or submerged in it.  He highly recommends being near the ocean for mental health purposes.  

How to Bring the Ocean to Your Home

How can we bring the positive effects of the ocean on our homes?  We can do this by engaging the senses in a way that links our homes to the sea.  A seaside decor theme, ocean wave soundscapes, and sea-centered fragrances are a great way to give your home an ambiance.  Making our homes or sanctuary is a significant mood booster.  Our homes are the only places we have absolute control over, and we must use that to our advantage!

Think about your favorite beach.  What do you love so much about it?  Is there anything you can incorporate into your home?

Seaside With Meredith Bay

Meredith Bay offers a plethora of scents that give a seaside experience.  Our Nantucket Breeze candle combines the aroma of sea salt with tones of a floral fragrance.  Another beach fragrance we have is one of our room and linen sprays.  The sea breeze room and linen spray give the scent of eucalyptus and freesia scented air.  These products we offer are bound to encourage you to take a deep breath and transport yourself to the ocean.

It is incredibly important for us to go on vacation, and just as crucial to be finding peace within our homes.   Because of the sea’s calming properties, we can seize the many benefits of bringing the ocean ambiance to our home.  

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