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Making the Most of Your Summer

Making the Most of Your Summer

Seasons are one of the inevitables in our lives.  Each season brings its own charm and aesthetic.  We associate summer with warmer weather, play, and welcoming the sun.  For many of us as children, summer was our favorite time due to vacation.  As we are approaching August, it's essential to embrace the last month of this season.  Before we know it, we will be entering into fall.  There are endless ways to welcome the brightest season.

Something we should all be focusing on this summer is taking in more Vitamin D.  Vitamin D is not only crucial to keeping a healthy immune system, but it also is helpful for bone health.  There are multiple wonderful ways to get this important vitamin from the sun.  

Taking advantage of beautiful weather can be done by taking walks. Walks can help us detach from the stress of the day while increasing our physical health.  Another method to get our much-needed vitamin d is gardening.  Gardening has been effective in aiding mental health.  Taking care of something else can take our mind off of ourselves, and be more present.

Trying a new summer recipe is a great activity for this summer season.  Visiting your nearest farmers market, and finding fruits and vegetables in season can be a pleasure for your whole family.  Some in-season vegetables are zucchini, radishes, and bell peppers.  As for fruits, apricots, blueberries, and peaches are in season.  Time to try out that peach pie recipe you’ve been eyeballing!

It can be fun and invigorating to change your home throughout seasons.  While some of us just change out our blankets to ones of a cooler nature, others revamp their entire home.  Summer colors are brighter in tone and less dense than their winter counterparts.  

Changing our home’s ambiance can also be done by fragrance.  Here at Meredith Bay, we offer a plethora of light summer fragrances bound to lift your mood.  One worth mentioning is our Bahama Mama Soy Candle.  The aroma of tropical fruits and rum is bound to transport you to sitting on the beach with a cold drink in hand.  If you aren’t able to make it to the beach this summer, try our  Nantucket Breeze Soy Candle.  The smell of sea salts and orchids is sure to mentally bring you to the beach.  

Make sure to make the most of your summer before the season ends.  You deserve it!

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