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Increasing Productivity

Increasing Productivity

We could all use help in the field of productivity. Being efficient not only makes our lives easier but also the lives of those around us.  Nowadays, there are more distractions than ever. 

It’s a great idea to have a vision for your work. This could be a small goal or a large one! For example, you could hope to complete a report for work within the next 2 hours.  Without a goal like this, it can be difficult to have direction. Make attainable goals while challenging yourself.  You will be surprised what you can get done!

The world didn’t always have the internet at their fingertips.  The unlimited information in our hands can absolutely make us more productive. Have you ever seen it take the opposite effect though? It’s not uncommon to be unconsciously scrolling through apps, not realizing that time that has been wasted in the meantime. When you want to get work done, simply put down your devices for the amount of time you would like to be productive.  Look forward to picking up your phone, but only when your tasks are accomplished!

Our work area must be helpful to us as well. If we are working in chaos, and clutter, it can be hard for our minds to focus on the goal at hand.  If you are at home, or at a location where candle burning is acceptable, we recommend using our Lavender Lemongrass Soy Candle. The lemon scent has properties known to focus the mind.  Music can also help or hurt the working process. Classical music has the ability to calm your thoughts while keeping you focused. Using your senses can be an excellent resource for working smarter. 

There are many things you can do to make yourself as productive as possible.  When stressed, remind yourself that there is a lot you are able to control in your own environment! 

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