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How to Become More Energized

How to Become More Energized

Between our jobs, families, and housework the days can seem never-ending.  Many of us spend our days looking forward to that amazing moment when we get to crawl into bed.  When we think about it, it’s sad to consider being excited for your days to end.  In a perfect world, we would wake up energized, and be productive until bedtime is near.  How can we get excited for days ahead of us?

The first step to upping your energy is proper sleep hygiene.  Sleep hygiene is something that can be practiced all day.  Not consuming too much caffeine is an important step, as well as getting enough exercise.  You want to have exerted a lot of energy before you go to bed, so you feel tired.  Making sure you have exerted enough energy during your day is a great way to ensure you will get some much-needed shut-eye.  

Aromatherapy is a great tool to increase sleep hygiene.  Making your space cool and dark is one of the proven ways to make your bed-time more comfortable.  Aromas such as lavender are known to be relaxing. Our Lavender Lemon Soy Candle is an excellent choice of scent to use when winding down.   Another great option is spraying our Honeysuckle Jasmine Room and Linen Spray before you hit the hay.  Making your environment conducive to a healthy sleep pattern is essential to living your best quality of life.

The way we spend our mornings is  just as important as our night routine.  Mornings set the tone for a productive day, and restful night.  There are scents known to make you feel more “lifted” as well.  Citrus scents are energizing, which can be a wonderful addition to our morning coffee.  Our Spiced Orange Soy Candle  includes notes of clove, orange, and ginger. Both ginger and orange are known to increase focus and promote well-being. 

We believe that you should be the best version of yourself.  This can be done by properly taking care of yourself.   Always remember that a restful night always begins with a good night’s sleep.

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