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Getting Comfortable In A New Space

Getting Comfortable In A New Space

This past weekend I moved halfway across the country. I went from living in my hometown since I was born and have just stepped out of my comfort zone. I’m in a new environment and am trying to make myself feel at home. After a big move or any move for that matter, you want to sit back and relax and feel cozy in your new space. At what is now your new home, temporary or permanent. 

For me, that trick is soy candles. Burning soy candles relax my mind and comfort me in the most calming way. There were items I sent with a moving company, and there were items I kept with me. The delivery of my personal things was going to take more than a few days, so what I did next was a must. I intentionally brought my natural soy candles in the suitcase that I kept with me. If you love soy candles as much as I do, you know they truly set the mood.

When days are stressful, and you’re trying to get into a new routine, it's the small things that often help us get through them. Burning natural soy candles have a unique way of boosting the cozy factor of your space and making your mind worry-free. Going to sleep in a new environment could also take a while to get used to. Burning soy candles is the perfect way to escape and inhale scents that take you back to places you love and can help set the tone for a better night's sleep.

To rest my mind and set a calming mood, my go-to is soy candles that burn the aroma of lavender or something floral. Both of those scents are considered to be soothing, and they always seal the deal for me. Of course, any smell you personally love gives you a sense of peace and tranquility, and that's much needed when getting settled in a new space.

I 10/10 recommend keeping a few of your favorite natural soy candles with you to ensure you’re ready to calm your mind as soon as you close the front door. Maybe not the second you step in, but as soon as you're ready or need a mental break, my suggestion is to burn your favorite natural soy candle scent to relax. For me this past week, I relied on my Lavender Lemongrass Soy Candle, and it did just the trick I knew it would, it always does!

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