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Fourth of July Indoor Style

Fourth of July Indoor Style

Fourth of July- Indoor Style

This year has ended up being strange, to say the least.  Nothing has gone as planned, and every day seems to be another shock.  Due to the uncertain nature of these times, it is more important than ever to keep our surroundings calm.  When we can’t predict what the future holds, it is essential to make some changes in our homes.

At this moment, large gatherings are not allowed.  This can put a huge damper on your Fourth of July plans.  Many of us look forward to this holiday year-round.  This is an understandable disappointment for us who enjoy this day for patriotism.  There is no reason to let this ruin your holiday!  There are a variety of ways to keep the patriotic spirit going through this challenging time.

Besides being with your loved ones, another reason most of us love holidays is food.  It may be your grandmother's pie you look forward to every year.  Or it may be the family barbeque where you see your friends you haven't seen in a while. Whatever it may be that makes this holiday special for you, you should continue!

If you are unable to attend the party, make your home the party.  Creating a festive environment where you reside can do wonders for the ambiance.  Decorate your house with red white and blue.  Sport every American flag item you own.

At Meredith Bay, we believe fragrance is a great way to encompass the holiday spirit.  We have some recommendations for aromas specific to the Fourth of July.  Candles with a smoky fragrance keep up with the holiday spirit.  This holiday is often associated with grilling out and fireworks.  Smoky and musky scents are perfect scent profiles to use during this holiday.

Another close association with this American holiday is sweet fragrances.  Alongside that delicious barbeque, we are often blessed with decadent desserts.  Apple, and other fruity flavors, are commonly presented on this yearly celebration.  Our Grandma’s Kitchen Soy Candle brings us back to memories of aromatic spices filling the house.  

Now is the perfect time to make your home an accommodating and comfortable place.  The current climate of the world can put a damper on our moods, and it is up to us to keep the patriotic spirit going! Have a wonderful Fourth of July, and make sure to celebrate.

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