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Embracing Your Alone Time

Embracing Your Alone Time

Being alone doesn’t always have to be lonely. Sometimes it feels that way though.   We are the one person we can always rely on, know best. Being alone can be especially painful, when it is not on our own terms. When unchosen solitude occurs, we must see the positivity in the situation.  There are many benefits to being alone, that we don’t think about often. 

We all enjoy being with our loved ones.  Pleasing them makes us happy, but it can be exhausting as well!  The times we are by ourselves, we can fully embrace what excites us.  For example, is there a TV show you love but your partner finds trashy?  Turn it up!  Do you prefer clean smells while the consensus of scent preference in your home is floral?  Try lighting up our Simply Clean Soy Candle.  This refreshing scent of lemon and white tea is our best selling scent!

Solitude also can result in inspiration and productivity.  When there is a lot going on, our inner thoughts and desires are often clouded by external stimuli.  There’s a reason many artists seek alone time to be productive!  Think of the famous writers who wrote their best works while fully excluded from humanity. 

Being by yourself can give you a chance to truly figure out who you are.  When we are upset, we often look at others for guidance.  Do you ever consider looking towards yourself?  Being introspective has many benefits.  Self discovery helps us to find our triggers, as well as what makes us happy.  

Next time you find yourself eating dinner alone, appreciate your time.  Life can be so overwhelming, that solitude may be just what you needed to recharge,

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