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Bringing the Spa to Your Home

Bringing the Spa to Your Home

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  If so, you are not alone.  In these uncertain times, the future is a complete mystery.  Due to the ongoing state of the world, there has never been a better time to center ourselves.  

During these stressful times, many of us could go for a long trip to the spa.  Everyone deserves some pampering and time to clear their mind.  Sadly, the spa experience may not currently be attainable for us.  Due to the high ticket treatments, and lack of social distancing, we may find ourselves stuck at home.  Being at home can be a rewarding experience if we use resources to our advantage.  There are quite a few ways we can bring a more calming and spa-like aura to our homes.

The first step to creating a peaceful environment in our homes is making sure it is clear of clutter.  Having a messy space can often cloud our minds, and make us feel overwhelmed. A tidy home shows us that we have respect for our spaces and our items.

A wonderful tool for relaxation is music.  It has the ability to shape our brains and define our mood.  There have been studies done on how music affects us.  Classical music makes us feel better by increasing dopamine in our brains.  A study done by Oxford University showed that classical music reduces blood pressure. Each genre of music can be beneficial, but let’s stick to classical for winding down.  

At Meredith Bay, we are big advocates of aromatherapy.  We hold the belief that each sense plays an extraordinary role in our quality of life.  Certain scents are more commonly used at spas, and for good reason.  Meredith Bay has many scents that having calming qualities.  Some fit the profile more than others.

A great candle scent for your spa day experience is our Fresh Cut Cukes Soy Candle.  It gives you the essence of a spa day without having to leave the comfort of your own home.  Another candle with spa-like qualities is our Eucalyptus Thyme Soy Candle.  Eucalyptus has the benefit of aiding breathing, which is essential for proper relaxation.  We also love our Day Spa Soy Candle and Room Spray, which harnesses all of your favorite aspects of the spa.

Finding peace within ourselves is crucial when the outside world is stressful.  If we can make our homes a comfortable and relaxing place, we won’t feel like we need to escape.  

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