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3 Ways To Reduce Stress With Aromatherapy

3 Ways To Reduce Stress With Aromatherapy

Stress is unfortunately a common occurrence in many of our lives.  Anxiety is currently the most prevalent mental disorder in the United States.  Many of us have demanding jobs and provide for our families as well.  This can leave us with little to no time for ourselves.  Here at Meredith Bay Candles, we strive to help our customers live more fulfilling lives.

It’s essential to find ways to destress in a natural way.  It can be simple to reach for a bottle of wine to calm ourselves down.  While it is great to celebrate, we are better off finding more natural alternatives.  Instant gratification often works only for temporary relief.  Developing skills to self-soothe will always come in handy. 

Each of our senses has different ways of providing us with relief.  Sight, taste, hearing, touch, and smell play an immense role in lifting our spirits. Seeing the ocean may spark joy in us.  Petting our dog may lift our mood. Listening to the soundtrack of our favorite movie may take us back to a simpler time.  Tasting our mom’s chili may be an instant day improver.  We each have unique preferences for what brings us happiness. 

What about the smell?  Our olfactory senses, aka our sense of smell, can provide us with many varying emotions.  Our olfactory senses are a patch of tissue located high in our nose, which connects directly to the brain.  This is what plays a role in the effect of nostalgia.

Nostalgia is defined as an affection for the past, typically brought on by an association.  What brings you nostalgia?

Aromas are a tool.  Midwives use certain scents to ease the pain of labor and delivery for mothers.  Stores use particular candles and oils to make you at ease to purchase.  How will you use these tools to make your atmosphere one you desire?

Have you ever smelt something that immediately made you upset?  For example, this could be the cologne of an ex-lover.  The negative emotion may even come before you realize what you are smelling!  Our reactions are often subconscious.

Different profiles of fragrances put us in different states of mind.  We can work on using this to our advantage.

We are all incredibly unique.  We have distinct ways of dealing with our problems.  This depends on our personalities and preferences.  Below are three ways to help clear your mind, and wind down.

1. Have a Spa Night

It is essential to learn how to self soothe when we have a rough day.  When life is not going smoothly, it can be hard to hear ourselves think.  Life often moves so fast, we have trouble slowing ourselves down.

It is by no coincidence that certain aromas are commonly featured in the spa industry.  Certain smells have been psychologically based to be more calming. Lavender and Jasmine are two spa friendly scents that Meredith Bay Candles feature.

Lavender is known to be a muscle relaxant, as well as a sleep aid.  We recommend our Lavender Lemongrass Soy Candle.  Lavender has properties that release tension from muscles.  Many folks spray lavender on their pillow at night, as it is attributed to better sleep.  

Jasmine has many mood-lifting abilities as well.  It may lessen symptoms of depression, and has sedative properties as well.  Our Honeysuckle Jasmine Candle is the perfect addition to your collection.  Jasmine is regularly used as a relaxant in aromatherapy.  Some even say it works as an aphrodisiac. We trust you to be the judge of that!

A “spa night”  may vary for each person.  It doesn’t necessarily mean putting cucumbers on your eyes and getting in the bath.  It just means taking time for yourself.  Be kind to yourself and give yourself credit for all you do.

2. Talk to Someone Else

It can be cathartic to vent.  We so often are stuck inside our own minds that we are unable to see the big picture.  Leaning on someone else can be a good method for us to get perspective.  

For our extrovert friends, it can take our minds off our own issues.  Try cooking dinner for a loved one, and asking them how they are doing.  

For entertaining, we recommend citrus scents.  They are known to be energizing and help focus the mind.  Our Lemon Pound Cake Soy Candle exudes aromatic vanilla notes.  It also includes the zingy lemon aroma we love with citrusy scents.

Another suggestion for having guests over is our Simply Clean Soy Candle.  It has the benefits of lemon we previously stated.  It also includes other floral notes for a clean finish.  This welcoming scent brightens up any area. 

Hosting others may only appeal to our extrovert friends.  If you have more of an introverted personality type, consider possibly cooking dinner for yourself instead.  Treating yourself in a gentle way reaps many benefits.

3. Journal

Journaling is an excellent way to relax our minds.  We are able to jot down our feelings in ways that make sense to us, without fearing criticism.  We write without judging ourselves, and any grammatical errors we may make.  It can help us to unravel what is going on in our own minds.  This can be done on a phone, or any old notebook.  

Earlier we spoke about how our sense of smell connects to the brain.  This part of the brain this connects to is directly associated with our memory.  Certain scents make us recollect positive experiences.  For example, “warm” scents tend to transport us to our childhood.  

What is it about being a child that makes you crave sweets so much?

At Meredith Bay Candles, we provide our customers with an experience.  Our Grandma’s Kitchen Candle doubles as a time machine to your childhood.  It captures a strong aroma of vanilla and cinnamon paired with spices.  This combination is bound to make you feel affection for the past.

It is important that we put more time and focus on caring for ourselves.  Our relationship with ourselves dictates our relationship with others, and how we view the world.  At Meredith Candles, we care about our customer’s well-being.  We hope that our products not only bring you joy but also ease your mind.  

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