The Meredith Bay Candle’s Coconut Wax Melts are a class part. The fragrance will take you to the beautiful shores on a dreamy holiday, making you feel relaxed and revitalized. Opening with the scent of the fresh lime and then leading you to the creamy core of coconut that will pick you up any given day of the winters.

Our soy wax melts are the ultimate way to make your home fragrant. These easy to use coconut wax melts release irresistible scents as soon as they start melting the warmer. Our highly scented Coconut Wax Melts are perfect for making small to large space around your home fragrant. All you have to do is place a Coconut Wax Melts in the warmer and turn it on. It will start given the scent off soon, taking the ambiance of your space to the next level.

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